Hello! I am Divya Rai and A Borrowed Backpack is my travel diary comprising of snippets from what I consider to be a “dream-life”. It is named so because, for one of my initial adventure-trips, I had to borrow the backpack from a friend.  Now, of course, I have one of my own, but the first one is always special!

A Borrowed Backpack has recently been listed as India’s top 100+ travel-blogs. Thank you for all the love, folks. I would write anyway, but once in a while, a pat on the back doesn’t hurt. Please accept my gratitude.

Edit 2:
If you are a crypto-enthusiast and are feeling slightly Jeff Bezo-ish, feel free to send some monies to my Nano wallet here: xrb_3d8jxmhmdtzux4ihxfsoywizw16mcx1b4m6b9trutccj5dna9y8fu1cn7smy