Where To Stay In Auroville?

So, you are on your way to a holiday, and are looking for a place to stay in Auroville? And the Auroville Guesthouse system is proving to be a difficult network to figure out? I am listing down all the good accommodations Auroville has, based on the types of trips. Please go through the entire list, and not just your own category, to understand which of the properties will do the justice to your stay at Auroville.
One thing to remember is that not all properties in Auroville have air conditioning in the rooms.

Also, this is NOT a paid post.

(Just one tip— Whatever you see available and are remotely interested in, please book it right away. Auroville hotels get sold-out at an alarming rate, because of the township’s proximity to Bangalore and Chennai.)

Art in Auroville

Where Can I Learn More About Auroville?

Here and here.

Can I Stay In Auroville?

Yes, you can. Auroville has both, private as well as ‘Auroville’ guesthouses, for stay. In case you want to stay at an Auroville-property, please check out the official website here.

Solo Traveller On A Budget Trip

  1. Rusty Rabbit Traveller’s Home: This Auroville guest house is one of the ‘quirky’ and fun ones, with ‘chill vibes’. The hosts are warm, friendly people. Rusty Rabbit is on the periphery of Auroville, and is easily accessible.
    To reserve Rusty Rabbit Traveller’s Home without a credit card and free cancellation, Book Here.
  2. Green’s Guesthouse: This Auroville guest house is one of the ‘earthy’ and homely ones. Their ‘single’ room is the best bet! It is also, one of the cheapest hotels in Auroville, if you are going to be staying for short duration.
    To reserve Green’s Guesthouse without a credit card  Book Here.
  3. Time Traveller’s Hostel: This is an experimental place, with a very ‘rooted vibe’ about it. It is basic and simple, and a great place to make friends. Staying at a hostel in Auroville is a good option in case you will be spending most of your day out and are likely to come back only to sleep.
    To reserve Time Traveller’s Hostel with free cancellation Book Here.
  4. Loka Homestay: This is a great place, run by friendly folks who will make sure that you find it difficult to leave the place at the end of your stay. Loka Homestay has an easy vibe about it.
    To reserve Loka Homestay with free cancellation, and without a credit card, Book Here.
  5. Rang Shala: If you are looking for a cozy place, with happy vibes, and private kitchenwashroom, this is a good travellers hostel in Auroville. It is good for people travelling solo, or with a few friends. Rangshala is very close to MatriMandir Auroville.
    To reserve Rang Shala with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.

Guest house in Auroville

Solo Traveler On A Comfortable Trip

  1. Auromode Apartment, Auroville: The apartments are neat and in-sync with Auroville aesthetics. Auromode apartments are within the main township, and they come with all the modern facilities. Auromode is the best self-catering (that is neither budget, nor extravagant) accommodation Auroville has! Auromode is slightly run down as a property, as it has been in business for a while.
    To reserve Auromode Apartment, Auroville with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  2. Flower Power: This is a very small property with one room up for booking. It has great exterior and it is good for someone who is more outdoor-sy than someone who has intent to spend time in the room. It is one of the simple places to stay in Auroville.
    To reserve Flower Power with free cancellation, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  3. Mango Hill: Read the review below.

A Budget Trip With Friends

  1. Auromode Apartments: If you are a bunch of people who forget that there are other people around, when you are having a good time, Auromode is not your place. It is for people who are respectful of other people’s physical and emotional space, and are responsible travellers.
    To reserve Auromode Apartment Auroville with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  2. Beyond Community: This is a property with tented stay, and different from everything else that you usually do on a holiday. These are kind of places where you make friends for a lifetime, at the most unexpected moments. If you can give up your urban comforts, then this is a better experience than most of the Auroville Hotels. If, you think, this is your kind of place, then be quick to book, as there are only two tents!
    To reserve Beyond Community with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  3. Vitara Spaces: A one-room property, where you have the place to yourself! If you are going to be bringing friends who like to spend time doing nothing, then this is great place! Vitara Spaces is one of the quieter properties.
    To reserve Vitara Spaces with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.

A Semi-Luxurious Trip With Friends

  1. Le Tamarin: Le Tamarin Auroville is a 3-star property, and the rooms have air conditioning. The room tariff comes with breakfast included in it; so thats a good thing.
    To reserve Le Tamarin with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  2. Auroville Comfort Villa: This place has double occupancy rooms. The good thing about this Auroville property is, if you are 6 people travelling together, you can have the entire place to yourself!
    To reserve Auroville Comfort Villa without a credit card Book Here.

A Romantic Getaway With The Love Of Your Life:

  1. Mantra Boat House: This is NOT in Auroville, as this is a boat, and there are not rivers or ocean within Auroville. Why have I mentioned it? Because this seems to be an interesting option. The boat has one air-conditioned room, romantic vibes and free wifi. In fact, if you can afford it, book it right away!
    To reserve Mantra Boat House with free cancellation, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  2. Villa Du Ocean: This is a property in Pondicherry, but it will be worth the peace of mind, when it is coupled with luxury. The rooms are air conditioned and replete with luxury. This Pondicherry hotel also has a swimming pool in it. The Promenade beach is a walking distance from the property. The tariff includes a great breakfast!
    To reserve Villa Du Ocean with free cancellation, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  3. Boganvilla: This is a two-rooms property, and as luxurious as it can get! It is more like an upmarket farm-stay, than a regular accommodation in Auroville. It is one of those places with clean, modern aesthetics.
    To reserve Boganvilla with free cancellation, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  4. The Annex, Isai Ambalam Guest House: This is a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l property right in the middle of Auroville! If you are yet to make up your mind, just book it already! It is a very earthy and classy property that is like a BnB, but very reasonably priced.
    To reserve The Annex, Isai Ambalam Guest House with partially refundable amount, Book Here.
  5. Mango Hill: This luxury hotel in Auroville is slightly tucked away from the main township. And that makes it a good option if you are looking for a peaceful and quite property. It is a 4 star hotel, with all the luxuries that you might want on a holiday. It is one of the best hottels in Auroville.
    To reserve Mango Hill with free cancellation, Book Here.
  6. Sharnga Guest House: This is a lovely accommodation, with a jungle-like setting  in Auroville. It has a community style kitchen with great food! It is a lush green place, with serenity all around it. The guesthouse also has birds, fish and other animals.
    To reserve Sharnga with free cancellation, Book Here.

Honeymooner’s Special (Hotels In White Town, Pondicherry)

  1. Dune De L’Orient: The best.
    To reserve Dune De L’Orient with free breakfast and conditional free cancellation, Book Here.
  2. Villa Krish: VERY good option for budget honeymooners, or an entry-level romance, because the place offers free breakfast, free cancellation and no pre-payment.
    To reserve Villa Krish, Book Here.

Budget Trip To Auroville, With Family

  1. Villa Bougainville: This is an apartment property in Auroville; it has two rooms for staying. It is a great option, as you can book the whole house. It is classy, charming and comfortable. 
    To reserve Villa Bougainville with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.
  2. Auromode Apartment, AurovilleRead the review above.
  3. Adhi Homestay, Auroville: This is one of the most popular homestays in Auroville. If you are looking for a basic, but home-like place to stay in Auroville, this is it. It has great hosts, and the property is surrounded by greenery all around it!
    To reserve Adhi Homestay, Auroville with free cancellation, Book Here. 
  4. Auroville Comfort Villa: One of the most preferred places for family stays in Auroville! If you are looking for clean, airy, well-ventilated rooms with clean washrooms, book this place without a second thought! It comes with 3 bedrooms, a balcony with a garden view and very friendly hosts.
    To reserve Auroville Comfort Villa with free cancellation, and without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here.

Comfortable Options While Travelling To Auroville, With Family:

  1. Sharanya: Sharanya is more of a vacation home, and a lovely, hospitable place if your budget allows you to book the best place to stay in Auroville. It has four air-conditioned rooms, and a huge space to lounge around in. It is slightly tucked away from the main road, but if you have your own vehicle, that shouldn’t be a problem. The tariff includes the breakfast.
    To reserve Sharanya with free cancellation, and without a credit card Book Here.
  2. Siana Tranquility Guesthome, Auroville: This accommodation in Auroville is, airy, well-ventilated and modern-looking place. It has air-conditioned rooms, free wifi, clean washrooms, amongst other facilities.
    To reserve Siana Tranquility Guesthome, Auroville with free cancellation, and without a pre-payment, Book Here. 
  3. Mango Hill: This luxury hotel in Auroville is slightly tucked away from the main township. And that makes it a good option if you are looking for a peaceful and quite property. It is a 4 star hotel, with all the luxuries that you might want on a holiday.
    To reserve Mango Hill with free cancellation, Book Here.

Corporate off-site trip To Auroville:

  1. Stay In A Villa For 10, by GuestHouser: If you are looking to take your team for a trip, this Guesthouser property is your place! The ‘villa for 10’ means it is a place for 10 people.
    To reserve Stay In A Villa For 10 without a credit card Book Here.

If you are looking for a long term stay in Auroville:

  1. Ecas Volunteer’s Home: This property is suited for long-term stay in Auroville, and is meant for slow-travellers. It is basic and a garden-view property.
    To reserve Ecas Volunteer’s Home with free cancellation, without a credit card, and no pre-payment, Book Here. 

If you are looking for an off-beat place to stay in Auroville:

  1. Sun Farm House: Farm-stay in Auroville. Clean, calm and a great place to stay for families. The people who stay here, can’t stop raving about it! The rooms are air conditioned, the tariff includes the breakfast and the washrooms are tidy; whats not to love?
    To reserve Sun Farm House with free cancellation, Book Here.
  2. Dharmakanni Tropical Huts: Just book it and thank me later! This is the ‘Phoebe’ (from FRIENDS) of all the Auroville guesthouses! They also have a good word about their breakfast!
    To reserve Dharmakanni Tropical Huts with free cancellation, Book Here.
  3. Rainbow In Auroville: This is one of the beach-side properties in Auroville. It has basic rooms, and a great outdoors. It is a decent option if you would like to sleep to the sound of waves, and waking up to them too! Since Pondicherry lies on the eastern coast, you can see some amazing sunrises (no sunsets; those take place on the western coast). This is an Auroville BnB with breakfast included in the tariff.
    To reserve Rainbow In Auroville without a credit card, Book Here.

(The post includes affiliate links; which means, I get a small commission every time you book using the link, at no extra cost to you. This helps in keeping the blog going. Thank you!)

Things To Keep In Mind While Before You Stay In Auroville:

  1. Some of the places have multiple sets of bed in a room, hence suited for large groups. They might seem to be expensive in the first glance, but then, if you look closely, there will more than one set of double bed and couch/es. These kind of places are expensive for solo travellers and smaller groups.
  2. If Auroville MatriMandir is in your list of places to visit and things to do in Auroville, please do that the first thing; the process takes some time.
  3. Pondicherry to Auroville distance is 7kms.
  4. Rooms in Auroville are usually well-ventilated and well-lit.
  5. There are some new hotels near Auroville beach, but the sound of waves is something that you will have to see if you are comfortable with.
  6. Your Auroville stay cost would also depend on whether you have booked yourself a cycle, a scooter, or a car. They make the trip more expensive in exactly that order.
  7. If you want your days to be fruitful, buy yourself an Auroville map from the Auroville Visitor’s Center.
  8. Check if your hotel accepts cards or online payment if that is how you intend to pay. Some Auroville hotels accept only cash.
  9. If lack of ‘organized urbanities’ like sign-board, street-lights at every step, late night food delivery options bother you, skip staying in Auroville. The township has a way of life, and every one must respect it.
  10. Hotels near Auroville could be on the ECR road too. You could choose one of those, as it would be equidistant from Auroville and Pondicherry.
  11. Most of the Auroville properties are self-service ones; which means, that you take care of your basic needs on your own. This is also because, originally, Auroville wasn’t designed keeping tourism in mind. If you are used to holidays where you don’t have to worry much about your comfortable stay, stay in Pondicherry instead.
  12. Please do not wait to arrive in Auroville, and THEN make your decision. If you are going to be staying in Pondicherry too, then you can split your stay between Auroville and Pondicherry, depending on the number of days you have at hand.
  13. Please check if your hotel has its front desk open 24/7, or at least, at the time of your arrival and make your Auroville booking accordingly.
  14. Whether it is mentioned in your hotel house-rules or not, most of the Auroville village and guesthouses practice ‘quite hours’ from 10:00pm to 9:00am. If Auroville timings are restrictive for you, you can consider staying at Pondicherry.
  15. Overall, Auroville is not a place for loud and noisy travellers. If  drinking beer from sunrise to sunrise is your idea of holiday, stay elsewhere and make day-trips to Auroville.

    Read About The Auroville Life Here: Auroville: A Sustainable Serendipity

  16. You will see that I have mentioned some properties in multiple categories. That is because they are suited for more than one type of traveller/s.
  17. No one seems stupider than the guests who stay in Auroville and leave hotel reviews complaining about mosquitoes. Don’t be that guest. 
  18. This is the website for Auroville Guest Accommodation Service.
  19. Auroville gets pitch-dark at night, and thankfully the folks at AV don’t care about it much. This works in Auroville’s favour, as it keeps away the ‘Goa-variety-of-tourists’; nothing wrong with being one, it is only that one might find nothing much to do in the township.
  20. Please check for air-conditioners; not all properties have them in Auroville.


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