Highway Story – 1

Punjab and Haryana are two states that manage to baffle me every time, without fail.
Currently travelling to Ludhiana in a hi-tech bus (non-luxury AC bus). The tickets are issued by the conductor in the bus only. Somewhere half-way through the journey a ticket inspector boarded the bus. Checks all the tickets. Stops at a family of 3 ( Mom-dad-kid) for not buying a ticket for the kid, who, according the checker is more than 3 years old and that he’ll penalize the parents now..

Parents: no no! He is 3. Hence we didn’t buy a ticket for him.
Kid (to the inspector) : No no Uncle, I am 5.
A moment of silence follows.
Parents: Beta, aapney uncle ko apne school ka naam bataaya?
(Ticket inspector is all the more baffled)
Kid: XYZ School, Ambala.
Parents: Beta, uncle ko poem suunaao…

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