Highway Story-3


Date: 13-04-2014
Location: Haryana Roadways bus, the non-AC one.  Boarded from Shimla, for Delhi at 09:00 pm.

I was too tired after a busy weekend in Shimla, and wanted to sleep though my journey the minute I boarded the bus. Unfortunately, it was being driven by maniac of a driver, thanks to whom, for the first time in my life I felt giddy on a hilly terrain.
Anyway, as the road ahead gradually lost its deadly-curves, I drifted off to sleep. The bus reached Chandigarh and I woke up briefly to change my sitting position and went back to sleep again.

Meanwhile, a guy boarded from Chandigarh. Would refer to him as Sir Chandigarh for this post. Must be around 33-35 years of age.

So, Sir Chandigarh came and parked himself on a three-seater which was next to my two-seater. All this while, I was snoring away to glory. Somewhere close to Ambala, someone woke me up with a nudge on my elbow. Sleepily, I got up, struggling to open my eyes. Inside the bus, it was pitch dark, but this is the conversation that followed:

Sir Chandigarh: “Hey, can you please get up? I am getting bored and I need to talk.”
Me: Huh!!?? (All bleary-eyed and because of all the darkness, I couldn’t see who it was)
Sir Chandigarh: “I have boarded from Chandigarh. I work here only, but go to Delhi twice a week. Actually, these days it is not enough to earn from one medium, so I get my earning from four different things I do.  By my profession I am an HR consultant, but I am also a professional photographer, besides being a placement agent with the aviation sector.”

By the 4th sentence, my attempt to stay awake failed and I drifted back to sleep.

45 minutes later, the driver braked hard and my forehead hit the head-rest of the seat ahead. THAT woke me up enough to rearrange my seating position. The pain was numbing, but I could hear a distant chatter from Mr.Chandigarh.
Sir Chandigarh: “…… and that is why I find this Haryana Road Transport bus more comfortable than Himachal Pradesh Road Transport one”.
He was still on with his tales to God-knows-whom. He reminded me of the character called ‘Geet‘ from the movie ‘Jab We Met

I doubt that in all the darkness, he could notice that I was sleeping instead of listening to him, but now I am curious as to what he was talking about without bothering about so much as a reply from the listener?

I sneakily drifted back to sleep to avoid any conversation, though I doubt he needed any.


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