Kila Raipur Rural Olympics 2014: A Picture Story

[Here is the picture-story on Kila Raipur Rural Olympics 2014. I promised it to you eons ago and I apologize for the delay. This post contains images.

If you wish to gather information about the event, please go to the text-post.

This blog-post has been put together by Suvendu Das, a photographer with a very keen observation. I had the opportunity of travelling with him to the Kila Raipur Rural Olympics this year. You can say ‘hello’ to him here.  🙂  The fact that sports festivals are difficult to shoot is a universally known one, but this event is a different story altogether. You shoot AND you struggle to stay alive by trying not to get run over by the animals that suddenly run astray.
Hope you enjoy his efforts. 🙂 ]

Kila Raipur Rural Olympics takes place in Punjab, close to a city called Ludhiana. The sports activities at this event are inspired by the rural life-style and the festival is celebrated with much fanfare, albeit the rustic one.

1) Nihang performance:

Kila Raipur Sports Festival

Kilaraipur Nihang performance

2) Bullock-cart race:

Kila Raipur Bullock Cart races

Kila Raipur Bullock cart

Kila Raipur Bullock

3) Pulling the car with teeth, only:

Kila raipur pulling the car with teeth

4) Pulling the car with one ear:

Kilaraipur Car-pulling

5) Check out the level of physical endurance here:

Kila Raipur Tractor

It is a beautiful event that reflects the Indian culture prevalent in a city which is, thankfully, tucked away from the tourism brouhaha. The event is a ‘must-attend’ for every travel and culture enthusiast! You’ll thank us when you do. Promise!

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