MTB Shimla 2014: A Preview

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#MTBShimla2014. The weekend that was!
Here is a sneak-peek into it. While I craft the main blog-post, please savour this.
The event was rife with expectations, determination, excitement, camaraderie in the most scenic, but challenging of back-drops! It had so many stories to tell. So many moments to share!

It roared about friendship:


It celebrated the beginning with unabashed aplomb!:

Douglas Smith

It whispered about silent determination, a promise to oneself:

Gurman Reen

It spoke of star-studded eyes:


It alluded confidence in good measures:

MTB Himalayas


It spoke about giving it a shot one last time, before giving it up:

giving up

Amongst all the chatter, it did whisper about love too:


It explained the treacherous, long, lonely paths. Something that life is, at times:

long path

It inspired about waiting for friends to catch up, even while trying to race ahead in life:


It muttered about being the important cog in the wheel, albeit silently:


It talked about the joy of racing to the ‘finish-line’, together:

MTB Shimla

And of course it talked about the majesty of Himalayas:


Ahh, yes! It also advised about taking out time to wave at the photographer while aiming to win:


See you guys soon with a detailed post.

Till then, lots of love your way!

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