The National Food of India

If there is ONE food item that is a strong contender for winning the ‘National Food of India’ award, it has to be this sinful junk! But trust me, wherever I have been to, be it Tirupati, Vaishnodevi, Kunzum Pass, Demul, Tabo, Goa, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Patna, Jaipur- Maggi is omnipresent. 🙄 In fact, the way right uptill Vaishnodevi main bhavan is dotted with patch-sized make-shift eateries making just Maggi and a few other quick-bites. And mind you, the business is pretty brisk! 😯 I kid you not.

This is one product that has no origin in India, yet it is sold and relished everywhere. Even though, it is extremely unhealthy, 😀 it is my favorite comfort food of all times!


P.S.: No. No-one is paying me to write this. This is solely my view on one food item that unites us all, irrespective of region and religion. If you hold some other view, please feel free to comment. 😀


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