When At Home, Knock At Big Yellow Door

I rarely write about my in-town loafing in Delhi, but since I have bought a DSLR camera recently, I decided to take it out for our (the camera’s and mine) first adventure-walk. 

Out for a meeting with a start-up, I found myself in the South-West part of the city. It is a hang-out zone that is very popular with students and is called Satya Niketan.
A few of my personal favorites at Satya Niketan are :
* Kevs, for its amazing variety of Maggi (the pseudo-health freak in me REFUSES to acknowledge that I love Maggi)
* QDs, for its Tandoori Momos
* 34 Chowranghee Lane, for its sinful, super-oily rolls
* Big Yellow Door, for a lot many things.

Phew! If only I could marry ‘food’!! 

Satya Niketan is a student-ghetto-of-sorts for the South Campus of Delhi University. The market is abuzz with students from morning till late at night, but that is not what we will discuss here. After I was done with my meeting, I decided to hang around at Satya Niketan market and test my camera with a few shots.
Therefore, Big Yellow Door was zeroed-in on.

Big Yellow Door

Where is Big Yellow Door?

Big Yellow Door, is a funky cafeteria with two outlets. One at the Hudson Lane in North Delhi, and the other one is at Satya Niketan Market in South-west Delhi (or is it south-Delhi?). Both the locations are abuzz with the ever-hungry college-crowd (at least I was ever-hungry, when I was in college. In fact, I think I still am).
This was my 9th visit to this cafeteria. (2nd visit to the Satya Niketan one. I frequent the North Delhi one, even when it feels like being on the other side of the globe, from my pad in south Delhi. I have been to the Hudson lane cafe seven times, I think).

How Is The Food At Big Yellow Door?

BYD specializes in quick-bites. Shakes, Sandwiches, Bugers, Pastas, Pizza and Desserts. Personally, I love their mixed-sauce pasta (this isn’t there on the menu, but you can request it) and the special BYD Bomb Burger, coupled with Rocky Road shake. Please note: the food-portions are decent, so it is advisable that you tag along with someone to share your food with. This will help you sample a greater variety. AND earn brownie-points with your friend!

Burger at Big Yellow Door

Pasta at Big Yellow Door

One word of caution though: The food at BYD, though is never disappointing, tends to vary in its taste for some reason. So if you go there looking for a particular taste that you might have experienced on your previous visit to the place, there ARE chances that it would be different on your subsequent visit/s. It happened to me. I loved the mixed sauce pasta I had here for the first time. A week later, I went there looking for the same taste three more times. It wasn’t the same, but amazing nonetheless.
I am sure BYD follows standardized recipes, but it would be wonderful if they can be a bit more consistent on the taste front.

Interiors of Big Yellow Door

You will fall in love with the carefully-carelessly done-up interiors. Trust me on that.
The Hudson lane outlet is ever-so-packed all the time, and I could barely notice the decor. While even the Satya Niketan outlet is perpetually packed at any given point in time, the placement of disarranged arrangements are planned in a way, which is much easier on the eyes. And quicker to make note of.

Check these out:

Big yellow door 3

This is how people shower their love on the place, which is honored by BYD with enthusiasm in equal measures. There is a wall full of ‘post-it’s, left by happy customers.

Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow door2

Our today’s meal for two, where we stuffed ourselves silly, cost us somewhere around Rs.250. So, you can do the maths yourself!

Amazing. On nine occasions that I have visited this place, I have faced slackened service only once. For me, this borders excellence!

Well students, mostly. Occasionally, you’ll bump into foodies like me, too.

Go, if:
* You love food.
* You are OK with high noise-level which comprises of music and chatter in equal measures.
* You are looking for a quick-bite, at an inexpensive place.
* You want to hang-out at a place that is cheerful and happy.

Steer clear, if:
You are looking for peace and quiet, a meditative space to converse with yourself.
* You are looking for a gourmet affair.
* You are looking for a place to hold a work-related meeting.

Happy Hogging!!


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